Now technologies are upgrading continuously and clients need to upgrade their web applications with current trends. There are many web applications developed in core php and have been working fine but there are some disadvantages of core php which allow hackers to attack on application and inject virus into application.

There are several new technologies and frameworks which help to keep such attacks away. CodeIgniter framework is one of the best option to convert php application into CodeIgniter framework.

What is the difference between PHP and CodeIgniter?
PHP or Core PHP is a basic scripting language where CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP MVC framework used for developing web applications rapidly. CodeIgniter is object-oriented. php and CodeIgniter are an open-source.

What is MVC framework?
The Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework is an architectural pattern that separates an application into three main logical components Model, View, and Controller. MVC separates the business logic and presentation layer from each other.
1) Model: It includes all the data and its related logic
2) View: Present data to the user or handles user interaction
3) Controller: An interface between Model and View components

Why Codeigniter Framework Is A Perfect Solution For Web Application Development?
CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP MVC framework offers seamless and rapid development creating high-quality web applications and advanced portals that are fully-functional, interactive, secure and flexible.

CodeIgniter provides libraries for connecting to the database and performing various operations like sending emails, uploading files, managing sessions, database access, working with URLs, security, cookies and much more are all there for your use. 

CodeIgniter is one of the best options for creating fast and dynamic websites and applications using PHP. Its very fast compared to other frameworks. CodeIgniter architecture is robust enough to keep it secure. There is an attack made on database query but CodeIgniter provides inbuilt functions and libraries to prevent this. Along with this, it also supports robust application development in no time.

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